Susan is a band

Susan is a power-trio consisting of three friends making harmony laden, hook-driven garage-pop in Los Angeles, CA. The trio met at an intersection in their lives in 2012 and soon joined forces to form band as creative equals: Susan. Inspired by indie pop of the 1980’s and their feminist punk backgrounds, Susan crafts songs with direct, personal lyrics wrapped in hooks and harmonies. Uncertainties in the future, self-doubt, and feelings of frustration are expressed over jangley guitars and driving rhythms. They released two EP’s in 2014 (Burger/Volar records), followed by a full length, Never Enough, in 2016 (Volar records) and a follow-up EP 'TV Girls’ in winter of 2017. In 2018, they recorded their second full length, As I Was, which was recorded in fall 2018 at Primitive Ears Studio in Los Angeles and is being released on Volar Records in September 2019.